Sections 41(3) and 41(4) of the Right to Access Information Act 2013 state that “The annual report shall also include an overview of the performance of all public authorities in implementing this Act to enable the RAIC to comply with subsection (3), every public authority shall report annually to the RAIC on the steps it has taken to implement this Act, including a report on the requests for information it has received and how these have been dealt with.

The Commission wishes to commend the following institutions for submitting their Annual Compliance Report before the deadline and urge those yet to submit to do so by May 15, 2024 to avoid any penalty.

Anti-Corruption Commission

Koinadugu District Council

Guma Valley Water Company (South)

Bo City Council

National Commission for Social Action (Northern region

Office of the Resident Minister

Bo District Council

Tonkolili District Council

Office of the Provincial Secretary (South)

Pujehun District Council

Political Parties Regulation Commission

Ministry of Defense

Bombali District Council

Karene District Council

Civil Service Training College

University of Makeni

Falaba District Council

Public Sector Reform Unit

Ministry of Basic and Senior Education

Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO)  

Environment Protection Agency (East)

Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority

Guma Valley Water Company

National Civil Registration Authority (South)

Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms and Ammunition

Public Service Commission

Ministry of Gender (South)

Moyamba District Council

Ministry of Transport and Aviation

Bonthe District Municipality

National Assets and Government Property Commission

Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs

Office of National Security.

Statistics Sierra Leone

National Civil Registration Authority (East)

Ministry of Social Welfare (south)

Kenema City Council

Sierra Leone Maritime Administration

Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone

Public Service Commission

National Authorizing Office

Ministry of the Environment

Cabinet Secretariat

Human Resource Management Office

Office of the Vice President

Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation

Ministry of Internal Affairs

National Commission for Democracy

Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security

National Fire Force

Sierra Leone Library Board

Ministry of Public Administration and Political Affairs

The Right to Access Information Commission

Sierra Leone Police


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