Ombudsman Tejan Ahmed Jah and the RAIC Team
Ombudsman Tejan Ahmed Jah and the RAIC Team


The Ombudsman Tejan Ahmed Jah esq. paid courtesy call on the Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC) at its 58 Kroo Town Road office in Freetown on Wednesday 3rd April, 2024. Mr. Jah referred to his visit to the RAIC as “homecoming”, because he served as the first legal counsel for the RAIC between 2015 to 2017. He paid tribute to the strides the RAIC has made over the years and thanked the Chairman and Information Commissioner and his team for that.

The visit, according to Lawyer Jah, was first to familiarize themselves with ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) with the aim of demystifying the work of the Office of the Ombudsman from being seen as ‘Busy bodies’ entity to partners in Development.

He highlighted injustice, which includes hardship, grievance, omission and decision that make the work environment undignified, and Maladministration which includes bias, heavy-handedness among the frequently received complaints which starts with mediation, negotiation and investigation into the matter. “This visit sets the stage to ensure that anytime an institution receives a letter from the Ombudsman’s office, it won’t be misinterpreted otherwise”, said the Ombudsman.

Chairman and Information Commissioner of RAIC Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw welcomed all, especially the Ombudsman who served the RAIC when it was in its embryonic stage noting that both institutions have similarities that can let them partner and exchange programmes. Dr. Shaw cited cross complaint sharing and collaboration can cement the bilateral ties between the two institutions. He added that such a meeting can be a stepping stone to handling cases that will help in the revamping of the Public service. Dr. Shaw and the Lawyer Jah agreed that both institutions will develop and sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU).

Executive Secretary of RAIC Hon Hon. Mustapha Briama described the visit as a preventive measure for all and sundry to be aware that such an office exists and is approachable. He urged them to continue the publicization of the work of the ombudsman so everyone will be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Members of staff from both entities applauded their leadership and look forward to the MOU that both entities will sign.

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